Thursday, June 12, 2008

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  1.  hi friends" im dale felder, please support me and buy one of my online products, here, click this link, below    hi friends my name is mr dale felder i live in san francisco California, and this is my life story, read please, i came here to San Francisco in 1979, but i was born in Kansas City mo, February 15,1957, to day is the mouth of september, 2012, so that makes me a 55 years old black man, so you do the math. ha ha and i know your probably riding high in the sky on a airplaine and reading my book just to pass the time away. or maybe your just sitting in a starbucks coffee shop reading my book on your apple computer and your ebook. or riding on a train with that little reading light on above your head and your just having a layed back quiet spiritrual moment with your self our you? good now let me tell you about my lifes journey it starts in Kansas City mo, my mother and father met in the early 1950s and got marred. my brother was born 1955, then me and my other brother came later 1957, then my mother had a enlarged weak heart and she died when i was two years old. and a day after my mother died my father marred the 18 year old girl who lived up stairs from us in the apartment building. so she became my step mother and she would baby sit me and my brothers when my mother was sick in the hospital. i never knew my real mother the sound of her voice her touch but never the less my dear sweet mother's life did have a purpose. and shortly after my mothers death my father used her life insrurance policy to buy a two story house. now it's the year 1959 and were all living in this big house my mother's life payed for. and when i was a little boy i would all ways hear my step mother complaining about how she didn't really love my father. and how she really wanted to marry her young boy friend when he got out of the army. but she marred my father to got a big house out of the deal. and now it's the early 1960s and my step mother is going to nursing school and it's time for me and my brother to start kindergarten. and i was to young to understand my father's abusive behavior. but i remember one early morning i was late getting up for kindergarten and it was winter time. and my father came in the house and kick the snow off his big rubber boots over the vint in the hallway. and was going to the bath room and my father screamed at my why you not ready for school? and then he kick my little 4 foot tall body about 3 feet across the room and i landed on my!. and then he said to every time you not up for school i will beat you and from then on and all thru my child hood my father found some krazy mental retardant reason to kick and beat me around the house. and my step mother would go to her sister's house on her days off from work at the hospital. and she would take me and my brothers with her and it was sort of fun to go some where and my step mother was young light skin party girl and she would have sex with other men when my father was at work and my father would have sex with other women and my father could'nt control my step mother from having sex with other men out side there marrage. so he would just be abusive to her . now i want to tell you why my father was so abusive he was born in 1927, in the south, atlanta gaorgia and my father would tell us bits and pieces about his child hood in growing up in the south. he had two brothers and a sister, and when he was a boy he had to wear his older brothers hammy down shoes and when his brother grow out of the shoes. and my father had to go bear footed to school all his child hood because they was to poor in the 1930s and he only went to the six grade because my father had to work in the cotton fields, water melon fields, he was used as child labor back in the 1930s and my fathers, father killed his mother and a black preacher and his wife took him and his brothers in there home and treated him bad. the south treated him bad all of his life and when he was 18 years old in the 1940s my father went to the army in paris and germany his job in the army was to unload the ships like tanks, guns, bombs,and the black men had the most deadliest job unloading the bombs from the ships. and when my father got out of the army he ended up in Kansas City, mo, how? i dont know he never told us but Kansas City, mo must had been better then the south. because he got good job at a steel company in kansas city where he became forman and supervisor of that company and i remember in 1970 i was the 7th grade my father was in the hospital for about two weeks my step mother told us a steel wire went thru his chest in his lung. but i really think my father had to fire a man on the job and the man stabbed my father in the chest. but my step mother never took us to see him in the hospital but ...YOU READ ALL THIS STORY HERE click links here>> ttp:// MY EMAIL,"BLKPHOTOS@YAHOO
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